If you want to see some real heroics, how about the people who make all this mud happen, year after year, city after city. We’re a tight-knit, charmingly-demented group that takes a lot of pride in the silliness we bring to the nation. Flip though our Bios, and answer that question you’ve always asked yourself: What kind of person does this for a living!?!

Jesse Fulton aka "El Jefe"

Jesse Fulton was raised in Canada and Mexico. An enthusiast of adventure and action sports led Jesse into a professional snowboard career at the age of 13. Fulton maintained his professional snowboarding career for 13 years and is recognized as a legend in the sport. His drive and ability developed never done before tricks leading to over 35 career podiums. Jesse maintained his passion for the sport by becoming a snowboard coach and founded the current #1 Ski and Snowboard program in the country; Shreducation. In 2010, Jesse Coached the Canadian Olympic team at the 2010 Olympics and continues to produce some of the best athletes to this day in both freestyle Ski and Snowboard.

A founding member of 365 Sports, Jesse’s drive, and creativity have helped build some of the best events in Canada. Jesse strives for excellence and his agenda has, and always will be for the competitors to take away a positive experience. Jesse has been recognized as one of the 7 most influential professional athletes to continue in the Canadian Action Sports business and has had the honour of receiving the Canadian Coaches Excellence Award, the Olympic Excellence Award, and multiple business achievement awards. He is recognized for his support and charitable contributions to athletes without means. In 2007 Jesse concepted, developed and starred in the reality TV series “Shreducation”. The show was sold to 4 networks (Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV and the Score) in 54 markets worldwide and gained the special attention of the Canadian Entertainment industry, being one of the only Canadian concepts and productions to be sold to Disney. He has also starred in a number of other TV shows and commercials throughout his career.

Jesse’s focus is on creating unique and original events, television production, and excellence in sport. He has traveled to over 40 countries and speaks 3 languages fluently. His tenacious attitude and generosity are recognized globally and his knack for new business and development is unmatched. Jesse has amassed an extremely impressive rolodex of friends and associates and maintains great relationships in business and the industries he works within. Former successful business endeavors such as distribution and retail companies have left Jesse with an abundance of knowledge in sport, retail, TV production, distribution and a unique understanding of customer engagement.

Fulton Recently moved to the Blue Mountains where he focuses on raising his two sons, maintaining his businesses, new ventures and entrepreneurship.

His mandate is simple: be fair, be honest, tell it like it is, believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.

Tony Smith aka "Big T"

Tony Smith joins 365 Sports Inc. as Chief Executive Officer, overseeing Event Activation and Planning, Event Marketing, Audio and Video Solutions, Custom Event Management Software, Concept and Development of custom and client properties and Consulting Services.

Smith appealed to 365 Sports Inc. because of his deep experience spanning from Wholesale Sales, Marketing, Communications, Retail and New Business Development in global technology and entertainment companies; most recently as Vice-President of Marketing and Communications at SONY of Canada.
Some of Tony’s roles at SONY included:

  • Vice-President, Marketing and Communications
  • General Manager, National Account Sales Department
  • National Sales Manager
  • National Marketing / Merchandising Manager
  • National Product Sales Manager

In addition, he has and continues to maintain memberships with:

  • Board of Directors, Sony Canada Charitable Foundation (SCCF)
  • Sakura Gala Committee Member, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

During Smith’s 30 years at the electronics leader, he contributed to building the company and playing a key role in its growth.

Mike Lambert aka "Lambo"

Mike Lambert is from the small town of Goderich, Ontario and grew up loving sports. As an avid athlete, Mike’s enthusiasm and passion for sport led him to Brock University where he graduated with an Honours degree in Sports Management. Throughout his four years at university Mike played varsity Rugby where he was a member of OUA Gold, Silver and Bronze medal teams. His leadership on and off the field has been a natural transition to his career at 365 Sports.

After graduation, Mike explored Europe, South East Asia and settled in Australia where he was involved in various event activations including Iron Man Cairns. When not at work you will find Mike spending most of his summer’s on his downhill mountain bike or KTM dirt bike while the winters are full of playing hockey or snowboarding at Blue Mountain.

Mike is the director of Marketing and Partnerships for 365 Sports. He oversees the marketing/creative team and manages existing client relationships. His great work ethic and unique ability to always find the positive in any situation keeps him in a popular place during events and activations.

Jacob Nelson aka "The Dude"

The Dude was born in Saudi Arabia and grew up in Utah as 1 of 9 children. The Dude excelled in sports and was an early adopter of a hardworking lifestyle. As a young man, he worked with horses, on farms, landscaping and spent a lot of years in the custom cabinetry/furniture industry.

The Dude is a cabinet maker/designer by trade and spent years perfecting his craft. This job has transitioned him well into The Chief of Course at 365 Sports where he oversees all things on-course and co-manages operations. His meticulous nature and creative thinking makes him a valuable asset to 365 Sports who pride themselves on the best courses in the industry.

In his spare time, the Dude likes traveling with his wife, playing in Utah powder, cycling, drinking whiskey, or watching sports with his good buddies Mike and Brendan!

John Stevenson aka "JT"

John is an integrated marketer with specialties in digital strategy, experiential marketing, and building brands. He started his career by launching an industry first system for the global retail industry and then worked in a variety of Canadian agencies servicing global technology brands, national CPGs, and financial institutions. He leads the digital marketing and experience for Mud Hero. 

In 2011, he launched an agency, ElectriCITY Events, where his team developed digital, event, and experiential marketing programs for clients including the City of Mississauga, Royal Ontario Museum, Samsung, and the Toronto International Film Festival. John recently completed an MBA from the Rotman School of Management (2017) and served as elected President of the Marketing Association and Director of the Business Design Club. He is currently completing a Digital Marketing Management certificate from the University of Toronto (2018), and previous education includes a Sport and Event Marketing post-graduate certificate from George Brown College (2011), and a B.A. from Bishops University (2006).

When he’s not building digital marketing and brand strategies, you can catch him training for an upcoming marathon, on his snowboard searching for fresh tracks, or eating like a local in a new city.

Nicole White aka "Nikki Six"

Nicole’s management experience stems from a long line of positions in the Action Sports Industry over the course of 20 years. She is an extremely organized, detail-oriented individual who is very efficient, effective and has a uncanny attention to detail. Nicole maintains strong communication skills and works especially well under pressure in a structured or unstructured environment.

Born and raised in BC and a graduate of Simon Fraser University, Nicole moved to Ontario in 2004. Prior to her move, she was the Canadian Brand Manager for a variety of Action Sports Brands and is credited with directing and helping their growth in the Canadian Market. Before joining 365 Sports, she was self-employed for 10 years. She owned and operated a small distribution company, sales agency, and a successful Action Sports Retail Store. During the Winter months, Nicole and her partner ran their High-Performance Snowboard Coaching program, Shreducation.

Nicole currently resides in the town of the Blue Mountains where she raises her 2 sons and enjoys the seasonal fun that comes along with life on the bay.

Brendan Essex aka "Bone-yaaa"

Brendan originally began his time at 365 Sports Inc. as a volunteer. With some hard work, commitment, and dedication; he has worked his way to the role of Operations Manager. Brendan’s great organizational skills and his ability to adapt quickly have been very beneficial to his success. He is excited to be taking on a bigger role in the company and is ready for any challenges that should arise.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, Brendan took a year off to explore the world. Upon his return, he made his way up to the Blue Mountains to join the 365 Team. Brendan has always been an active individual who enjoys playing and watching almost any sport. He especially enjoys “dismantling” fellow members of 365 at ping pong! New to the sport of snowboarding, he may take a little slack for his skills on a board, but he is continually working hard to better himself at everything he does.

Rick Sirianni aka "Sexy Rick"

Rick is a strategic, multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for innovation and perfection. His motivation, passion, and innovation has always been an integral component of who he is. He is a co-founder of Bliss Design, a company that specializes in brand identity and custom designs. He has always demonstrated a keen ability to think outside the box and to push the boundaries. It is this personality that has created his successful concepts and his notoriety in the art world. His accomplishments as a competitor and as a businessman have proved he is a key element to any team.

His wide range of experience from promotions, marketing, developments and consulting have been essential to his success in his own business. Experience which was taught to him by working and educating at Nike Canada. During this time there he became the youngest employee to be recognized and awarded with a Nike Achievement Award. His skills and knowledge of the action sports industry have proved invaluable in creating a vision that is unique and powerful.

Having over 15 years experience he has established highly effective and prominent brand identity that has led to over 300 pieces published nationally.

Kirsten Bodashefsky aka "KB"

Kirsten brings a depth of experience and background in team management, customer service, and events. She’s worked with major clients and brands such as Lululemon, SportCheck, OLG and Toronto Argonauts.

Her passion for sports and events shines through in both her personal and professional life. She has always been a part of a team environment. She played competitive soccer for many years and in recent years joined the Women’s Australian Rules Football Team representing Canada in Melbourne at the International Cup. They won!

With over 7 years of in-depth background in retail and customer service, she is passionate at delivering first-class experiences. She is highly organized and has worked on numerous complex projects and events. When she’s not working, Kirsten is usually with her boxer dog, Aussie, who loves to run and exercise even more then she does.

Lori Berenz aka "Lucy"

Lori and her family are transplants from the city. They fell in love with all that the Georgian Bay area offers and have fully embraced the lifestyle.

Lori has a bachelor of Arts degree from Western and a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management from Seneca College. Over the years, she has worked extensively in the field of HR in various industries; including high tech, service, and retail. Lori is passionate about creating opportunities for organizations and employees to maximize their potential.

Lori is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher and can be found teaching classes and workshops in and around Collingwood.

Jaclyn McMath aka "Jacs"

Jaclyn graduated with Honours from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology with a diploma in Business Administration (Marketing) and is the Customer Care Coordinator for 365 Sports. Her enthusiasm and extensive background in customer service have been a welcomed addition to the 365 team.

Jaclyn spent her life living back and forth between Alberta and Ontario. No matter what province she was in at the time, her summers were always spent at the family cottage in Alberta, where she developed a love for the water & the great outdoors. She’s always up for a challenge and trying new things!

Prior to joining the 365 Team Jaclyn worked in the construction industry for over 7 years as a Senior Inside Sales and Estimator for a high-end Stone Fabrication company in Calgary. Her dedication along with her ability to create & nurture long lasting business relationships lead her to a very successful sales career. She recently moved to the Blue Mountain area with her family and when you can’t find her at the 365 home base she’s likely busy entertaining her young Twins – a girl and a boy (and no they are not identical!).

Jaci Smith aka "Jack"

Jaci has been in the financial world since 2005 starting her career in the banking world right out of high school and eventually working her way up to Assistant Manager. She then moved to the private sector working as an assistant to a financial advisor where she successfully completed the Canadian Investment Funds Course. From both of these roles, she has learned to adapt quickly and shift gears while keeping a level head. At 365 Sports, you will find Jaci managing budgets for Canadian, USA and Australian ventures where receipts and invoices don’t always come in neatly sorted and itemized… Yep, she keeps those numbers tight!

Jaci was born and raised outside of Markdale and now lives in Meaford with her husband. She enjoys walks with their dog along the escarpment and during the winter months, you can find her at the local curling rink.