If running over six kilometers through obstacles and mud didn't raise a few questions, we'd be even more surprised. Everything you need to learn to earn your PhD in Mud Hero-ness is listed right here. Study up, and let's get muddy.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Mud Hero?

    This time next year, you could be!  Whether you’re a health nut, couch potato, athlete, computer nerd or princess, it’s time to crank up the adrenaline and push yourself and your friends through this dirtilicious, mud-flooded 16-plus obstacle challenge.

    Sound competitive? Yes and no. Mud Heroes are a positive breed. Most of our participants would rather build up a fellow Mud Hero than take them down, because they know that fast or slow, young or old, everyone’s equal when you cross the finish line. Mud Hero is fun yet challenging for participants of all ability levels. Walk, run, skip – the main goal here is to get out and get muddy!

    After you finish, stick around for the Mud Bash – a post-race hoot with DJs and bands, great food, bevies, demonstrations and an expo. Hang with your fellow Heroes, and cheer on others as they slither through the final Dirtilicious Mud Pit. Our outdoor wash station will help you wash off the mud (but not the memories).

    Remember to bring cash for food and bevies, along with your photo ID so you can enjoy our amazing Bash BBQ. Just so you know: no outside alcohol is permitted in the parking lots or on the Mud Hero event site.

  • What are the Mud Hero rules and regulations?
    • No head first dives, backflips or leaps into mud pits, ponds or off of obstacles.

    • Feet first down slides only.
    • No profanity or negative behavior towards others.
    • No pushing people, including on the obstacles, course or Mud Bash.
    • Spiked shoes are not permitted in the event.
    • Costumes must not be dangerous to the participant or others.
    • All participants must complete a waiver.
    • Participants are not allowed to preview the course.
    • Once participants finish, they must exit the event course.
    • Participants must wear shoes.
    • Participants, or spectators, shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    • Everyone must abide by all local laws and behave responsibly.
    • No head first dives or backflips into mud pits, ponds or off of obstacles.
    • No outside alcohol is permitted on site.
    • No glass containers allowed.
    • Dogs must be on a leash at all times (be sure to stoop and scoop).
    • Young children must be supervised when spectating at the event.
    • The minimum age to participate is 12, as of event day.
    • The minimum age to volunteer is 14, as of event day.
  • Mud Hero Kids

    We have a dedicated blog post for our Kids event, which you can find here: Kids FAQ Blog

    Or check out the Kid's FAQ section: Kids FAQs

  • How do I edit or confirm my registration?

    If you need to edit or confirm your registration, then please follow these steps;

    1) Go to EventBrite

    (2) Login to your Eventbrite account. Don't have a password? Select 'Forgot Password', or reset your password by going to here!

    (3) Access the Account Menu. Then select 'Your Tickets'

    (4) Select your ticket 

    (5) Select 'View Order'

    (6) Select 'Edit'

    (7) Save your changes

    Note:  You may change into a different wave start time as long as it is not full.

  • What happens on race day?

    Step 1:Arrive

    Come about 2 hours before your wave start, allowing time to get fully prepped for mud heroics.

    Step 2: Park

    Make sure you have money for parking (if applicable to your event). Exact change is preferred!

    Step 3: Register

    Bring photo-ID and go to Registration, where you will sign in and get your race bib!

    Step 4: Bag Check

    Bring non-racing items to Bag Check, where we will keep it safe while you are becoming a Mud Hero.

    Step 5: Prepare

    Warm up, be well hydrated, and be at the start line 15-20 minutes before your wave start.

    Step 6: Mud Time

    Have fun with your friends and fellow Mud Heroes while participating in one of Canada's greatest mud runs!

    Step 7: Party

    Wash up in our outdoor shower, get into dry clothes, then have some (relatively) clean fun at our Mud Bash!

  • I want to upgrade from 6k to 10k

    (1) Login to your Eventbrite account using the email address you used to register. Don't have a password? Select 'Forgot Password'. 

    (2) Access the 'Account' menu from the right-hand corner dropdown

    (3) Select 'Your Tickets'

    (4) Select your current registration 

    (5) Select 'Transfer'

    (6) Select 'Change Registration'

    (7) Select your new event and registration 

    (8) Select 'Continue'

    (9) Review and update your order form if necessary

    (10 If the price of the new registration is higher, payment will need to be provided. Refunds are not automatically given if the price of the new registration is lower. Contact info@mudhero.com if this is the case.

    (11) Select 'Complete Registration'

    You will receive your new order confirmation via email. Your original registration is no longer valid. 

  • How do I transfer my registration over to someone else?
    Please follow these steps to transfer your registration over to someone else;
    (1) Go to www.eventbrite.com 
    (2) Login to your Eventbrite account. Don't have a password? Select 'Forgot Password', or reset your password by going to https://www.eventbrite.com/resetpassword
    (3) Access the Account Menu. Then select 'Your Tickets'
    (4) Select your ticket  
    (5) Select 'View Order'
    (6) Select 'Edit'
    (7) Enter the new participant's information
    (8) **Please be sure to select the box beside "Send confirmation email to new attendee"
    (9) Click Save
    Also note, that you may only change waves start times, as long as they are not full.
    As a policy, we do not issue refunds or deferrals.
  • It's raining/snowing/sunny/a-chance-of... What do I do?

    Mud Heroes face their challenge whatever the weather, the more ridiculous the better. If it’s hot and sunny, remember to stay hydrated and use sunscreen. If it’s rainy and miserable, hey, you were never gonna get out of this clean and dry in the first place! We have a severe weather policy, where we reserve the right to postpone the event for extreme weather circumstances like tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning or the zombie apocalypse, but those are all pretty rare!  In the exceptional event that Mud Hero is cancelled, we do remind you that entries are non-refundable, even for severe weather. While we will always try to produce an event, Mud Hero safety is our utmost concern. In the event that we need to postpone or cancel the event, we will notify registrants via email at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • What should I wear?

    Just when you thought that bridesmaid’s dress would never get worn again! Our goal is to make sure participants have the best time possible, so wear something flexible and, well, expendable. We encourage you to ‘get your Hero on’ by wearing a costume, and with prizes awarded to the best one, feel free to go nuts.  Just make sure your costume is ‘Hero Ready’ (allowing you to run, jump, and slide without getting caught in obstacles) and ‘Hero Friendly’ (won’t hurt other Mud Heroes). Of course, we always recommend proper footwear.

    For those who prefer more ‘modest’ attire, running or trail shoes are recommended, as well as athletic wear (shorts and t-shirt) that you don’t mind getting a little mucky.

    Participants should also consider bringing a towel (or three) to wipe mud off themselves and to protect car seats on the ride home.

  • How long will it take to complete the 6km or 10km course?

    A 6 kilometer obstacle event is not the same as a 6 kilometer run on pavement; it takes considerably longer and it’s a lot tougher. Mud Heroes generally take between 30 minutes and 2 hours to complete the course. An average completion time is a little over an hour. Very few people sprint it, some jog it and some walk it — but everyone has a great time doing it!

    The 10 kilometer course runs similar to the 6 kilometer — you have to factor in the 25+ obstacles on course. Ultra 10k'ers generally take between 1 hour to 2.5 hours to complete the course. An average completion time is a little over an hour and a half. 

  • How do I Join or Create a team when registering?

    We have removed the online 'Team' signup component. If you would like to run as a team simply select the same wave time at purchase so you can start the course together as a group on event day! If your team's wave time is full please contact info@mudhero.com and we will sort it out so you can all run together!

  • What if I'm not a swimmer?

    No worries – you won’t need to swim at any Mud Hero event. The deepest water won’t exceed four feet.

  • What if I can't complete an obstacle or I'm afraid? Can I still do the event?

    If you can’t complete the obstacle, or you're afraid of it, we have staff overseeing each obstacle to help guide you over it. If you still can’t complete it, you can simply go around it. No penalty!

    If you wish to qualify for OCR World Championships, you must complete each obstacle. We will have staff monitoring obstacles for OCRWC qualifiers. 

  • How challenging is Mud Hero?

    With over 18 obstacles and challenging terrain, Mud Hero is not for people with significant medical conditions. Our obstacles are meant to be a mix of fun and challenge, but we won't subject participants to barbed wire, electric shocks or ice baths. Certain obstacles also offer a hard or easy option, allowing every participant to have a great run within their ability level. (If in doubt, please check with your doctor to gauge your level of fitness.)

  • How should I train for Mud Hero?

    It all depends on your personal goals. A combination of cross training, running/jogging and other endurance activities (cycling, swimming) will certainly help you get ready for a Mud Hero event. If you don’t exercise regularly you might want to enlist the help of a personal trainer or a friend with fitness experience.

    Endurance should be your primary goal, as the hills tend to tire people out quickly. Once tired, you’ll find the obstacles become exponentially more difficult. Trail running through tricky and hilly terrain will certainly help you build endurance and stability. Practice crawling, jumping over picnic tables, climbing trees and being a kid again! Some cross training will also help you build core strength that will help you finish Mud Hero safely and with a smile on your (muddy) face.

    And make sure you build strength in your glutes, or you just might laugh your ass off.

  • I am unable to attend Mud Hero. Is it possible to get my money back or defer my registration until next year?

    Unfortunately, Mud Hero does not issue any refunds or deferrals over to following years.

  • What is the minimum age to participate?

    The minimum age to participate is 12 years of age on the event day.

  • I don’t have proper ID? Will that be a problem?

    Our exceptional Mud Hero Registration team loves to have an ID for each person – for security and ownership reasons of course. However, a copy of your original confirmation will be just fine as a last resort.

  • How do we access results and photos?

    While we try to get everything displayed as quickly as possible, sometimes it takes a day or two for your photos and results to be posted.  Please go to www.mudhero.com/en/events/, scroll down to the results and select the Mud Hero event that applies to you.  There will be a link for all your dirty details!

    Also note that your free photos will be emailed to you after the event.  Check out www.zoomphoto.ca and don’t forget to check your spam file….you never know, especially with the new rules!!

  • I lost my shirt and medal. Can I get another one sent to me?

    Unfortunately, we are not mailing out any items this year, so please cherish your medal and t-shirt and make sure you keep an eye on it. How else are you going to prove you completed the challenge to the folks back at the office?

  • What if we're a band or DJ interested in playing at Mud Hero?

    Great times demand great tunes, and the Mud Hero Mud Bash is quickly becoming legendary. We are no longer looking for bands or DJ's at this time however. Thank you for your interest!

  • Do you charge for spectators?

    You can purchase a festival pass for $10 for access to the festival, Mud Bash, and designated obstacle viewing areas! (kids under 15 are free)

  • I want to qualify for OCRWC at Mud Hero. Now what?

    All TIMED adult Mud Hero events (Timed Ultra 10K) is considered OCR World Championship qualifying events. 

    You must finish Top 10 in your age group to qualify for the Age Group division or Top 3 in your gender for Pro! There will be no dedicated wave for OCRWC qualifiers, however those interested in running the fastest times are advised to enter the first, or earliest possible wave at a given event. Anyone wishing to qualify for OCRWC must complete every obstacle. We will have staff at each obstacle who will note participant numbers of anyone skipping, or not completing obstacles.