Mud Hero was in fact Canada’s first obstacle event series, which was created specifically with women in mind. When we started in 2012, the obstacle event landscape was male centric and intimidating, showcasing obstacle runs as male-dominated events. We knew this had to change. We made it our mission to create Mud Hero as an inclusive social experience, that offers challenges on everyone’s own terms, like hard and easy options, and the chance to walk, jog, or run the course.

DID YOU KNOW: Over 65% of our participants are female! We consider this an amazing achievement, as Mud Hero has the largest percentage of women of any inclusive obstacle run (we also have big love for all the guys who join the women on the course!) 


Here are the TOP 5 reasons why women love Mud Hero:

Inclusive Experience: We promote an inclusive environment and celebrate all finishers with the same support, smile, medal, and bevvy at the Mud Bash. If you want to go around or skip an obstacle there is no penalty, unlike some other events.  Mud Hero welcomes all fitness levels, body types and ages as you can walk, jog or run the course.

Hard and Easy Options: We were the first to offer hard and easy challenges. This allows people who might have great cardio, but less upper body strength to still complete most obstacles on their own terms. (Fun fact: 80% of the time the women Mud Heroes choose our harder challenges when given an option). If you want even more distance and obstacles, try our Mud Hero Ultra 10K for an extra challenge!

Women are Healthier!: Trends show that women are more drawn to new fitness opportunities, high quality food, outdoor activities, and an overall healthy lifestyle. This in fact proves that women might just be the healthier sex!

Social and Family Experience: Our expo area and Mud Bash are the largest and most well attended of all obstacle events. We also attract thousands of Mud Hero Kids to our events! It’s truly a great experience for all ages.

The Girl Gang: Bring the gang, we promise you won’t regret it! Women love costumes, team spirit and showing their love of friends, family, new challenges, and muddy good fun! This not only makes for an amazing event day experience, but creates a memory you’ll be giggling over for years to come!

You can see why Mud Hero has attracted such a large percentage of women, and it’s women who have made Mud Hero Canada’s largest obstacle series (even larger than our American competitors).

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you again in 2018!