Hey Mud Heroes!


After you’re done racing, take your used and muddy sneakers to the donation booth. We have partnered with Sneakers4Funds to turn unwanted shoes into inventory for micro-entrepreneurs in 25 developing nations. By donating your shoes, you’re helping families create a path out of poverty, giving your kicks a second life, as well as keeping them out of landfills. It’s a WIN-WIN for our community locally and abroad!


Use your sneakers for good! #socialgood #mudhero #sneakers4good


About Sneakers4Funds


Sneakers4Funds is the largest athletic shoe drive fundraising company in North America. We work with organizations, running clubs, race directors and running retailers every day to help them raise thousands of dollars for their cause. Sponsoring shoe drive partners to collect gently worn, used and new sneakers from supporters instead of asking them for money. Sneakers4Funds then pays its partners for the shoes collected, including those gathered at mud runs. Shoes become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs in 25 developing nations providing job opportunities and a path out of poverty. This also helps keep them out of landfills where they can take decades to fully decompose. Visit to learn more!