Whoever said at the age of six you’re too young to be influential, think again.

Pam Forsyth has a six year old daughter, so when their family friend’s daughter Kaitlyn was diagnosed with cancer, also age six, it really struck home for Pam.

This was Kaitlyn’s second battle with cancer over her short life. Kaitlyn’s mom relayed a story to Pam – ‘"Holding hands, Kaitlyn and I were being admitted back into Sick Kids. Kaitlyn looked up at me and noticed tears in my eyes". She said "it's okay Mommy, we did this once, we can do it again!"’

What a brave girl! “It was that positivity, determination and zest for life that I'm sure helped her down the path to wellness. It was also then that I started to look at my own life and realized how awful it was that I took my own health for granted and did nothing to preserve it, while a complete innocent fought for her own.”

Pam took immediate action. She quit smoking, helped to raise money through their community to support Kaitlyn’s family while she was in the hospital, went on a personal quest to eat healthy, started running and joining exercise groups, dropped 30 pounds, and signed up for Mud Hero Toronto 2013!

We’re happy to say that after Kaitlyn’s bone marrow transplant, she made a full recovery. Pam fundraised for Camp Ooch through her mud hero run, and will be joining us again for Mud Hero 2014! Pam, Kaitlyn and families, you’re Mud SuperHeroes.