As we celebrate Canada's 150th, and have asked you, our participants to fundraise a minimum of $150 for our partner charity, Special Olympics, we wanted to hear directly from a fundraiser why they are supporting the cause:

Mud Heroes, meet Lisa:

1.  Which Mud Hero event(city) are you participating in? 

I'm participating in the Halifax 6 km Mud Hero event with my coworkers. We have formed a team called 'Dirt Don't Hurt'. 

2. Is this your first time participating?

This will be the first year I am participating. In fact, it will be the first year for several members of my team.

3. Why are you participating?

I started running this year. I have completed a few 5 km races this year and I enjoy the challenge. The Mud Hero events have always fascinated me and I am really excited to finally be apart of the event. 

4. If you did participate last year, did you fundraise for the local cancer centre? If no, do you care to elaborate why not? 

I did not participate in previous year. Although I did help fundraise for our local cancer society last year, it was not through the Mud Hero events. At my work, Bluedrop Performance Learning, we have a charity committee. We sold daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society.

5. Why are you fundraising for SOC this year?

Part of the reason myself and my team are participating in this event is to fundraise for Special Olympics Canada. Not only is this an opportunity to have fun and get messy, it is also a chance to provide to others. It's a win-win! 

6. Are you aware of the fundraising incentive this year - every $150 raised gets you a ballot for a chance to win a $1,000 Red Tag Travel gift card? If you win - where are you going?

I did know about the fundraising incentive, but I didn't know it was each 150$ for a ballot. That's really exciting. I have no idea where I would go if I won. I've always wanted to go somewhere tropical. I'm open to suggestions if you have any!

Shout out Mud Heroes - let Lisa know where she should go! Also, start fundraising today to help get more Special Olympians participating in sport and think about where you will go with your $1,000 Red Tag Travel voucher!