Summer might be quiet for most hockey teams, but coaches, parents, and managers know that staying fit, active, well-trained and engaged with teammates is still important during the off-season. Why should your team indulge in a little bit of mud slinging? Read on! 


Tackling our avalanche rope wall, scaling the brand new slippery slope and taking on other obstacles require that team members work together to accomplish the goal. This group effort builds morale in a way that’s really fun and with lower stakes than gunning to win the playoffs! 


Cardio, balance, and strength are all tested during Mud Hero. Help your team keep up their best levels of physical fitness by challenging them to train for the hardest course you think they can do. Whether that’s the 6K or Ultra 10K, each has its unique challenges that will test and challenge your players.


Engaging in multiple sports ultimately builds better athletes, according to experts. Invest in your players long-term health and sports flexibility by introducing them to alternate forms of fitness and athletic opportunities. In the long run, they’ll thank you for it!  


As a team player, it’s important to have confidence both as an individual and a part of the whole. Mud Hero allows all of your players to shine, thus giving them a new dose of confidence in a whole different way that they’ll carry with them onto the ice.


Mud Hero is all about the fun - first and foremost! Your team will have a blast getting totally sweaty and filthy dirty and ending the course by splashing around in the Victory Bath to celebrate their win!

Former NHL players have used Mud Hero to keep their game in top shape. We guarantee your team will also appreciate staying connected and in shape with the challenge and the fun!


To participate in Mud Hero 6KM or 10KM Ultra you must be 13 years as of the end of the year. For younger athletes Mud Hero Kids is open for those from 4-12 years of age.

For groups of 20 or less contact for a $5 off code that your entire group can use.  If you are considering a group over 20 contact our corporate/sports sales specialist Alyssia and she can answer your questions and assist you with any special requests.