You’re a Mud Hero vet yourself and you’ve heard the hype about Mud Hero Kids, the pint-sized version of our famous obstacle course. And you’re wondering if your little one is ready to take on his or her own Mud Hero adventure. Of course, there’s no right or wrong answer about when your child is ready for Mud Hero and you know your child best, but here are a few insights to help you decide.

Mud Hero Kids was designed specifically for kids ages 4 – 12 in mind. That may seem like a big age range, but we’ve tailored the event so that kids can tackle the course at age-appropriate levels. Your kids will be seeded with other kids their age, so a 4-year-old would never be on course with a 12-year-old.

For 4 and 5 year-olds a parent or guardian will do the course right alongside his or her child, offering encouragement and support all along the way. Parents are invited to help their kids tackle obstacles, get through the mud and cross the finish line to celebrate the accomplishment together.

For children ages 6 and 7 parents can elect to offer on course support or stand on the sidelines depending on your child’s level of confidence and physical ability. The environment is fun and supportive and we encourage parents to make the choice that best suits their child. Some kids arrive at the start line raring to go, while others want a little support from mom or dad along the way.

By age 8, most Mud Hero Kids are ready to tackle the course solo, with mom and dad cheering from the sidelines and ready to offer a congratulatory hug at the finish line. Moving up in age most kids will be pushing mom and dad to the side as they head towards the start line!

If you have children who are in different age groups, but you’d like them to run the course together, please let the attendant on-site know and we will accommodate them.

The course is 500 metres in distance and has six obstacles. The youngest children will do the course once, and laps are added for children in the older wave times – ensuring that children enjoy a challenge matched to their abilities. Some ambitious kids will take it upon themselves to tackle additional laps on their own!

The goal of Mud Hero Kids is not to compete, but to have fun. It’s about getting muddy (and what kid doesn’t love to jump in mud puddles), getting a medal and t-shirt just like mom and dad, and celebrating the accomplishment of crossing the finish line. The event is designed to help build up confidence, allow kids to step outside of their comfort zones in a safe, fun and supportive environment and to start to model healthy activity levels.

Make a day of Mud Hero for the whole family. Cheer each other on and celebrate together showing off your medals, muddy running shoes and telling stories about the event. The mud washes away but the memories will keep your kids asking “when is the next time” for weeks after the event!

And don’t worry, if your nieces, nephews, neighbour or best friend’s children want to join in on the muddy adventures and they’ve missed online registration, Mud Hero Kids accepts walk ups for $35.00 per child (cash only). Entry is limited, so try to arrive early.

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