Here, we take a look at the Mud Hero obstacle course race options, and which one suits which individual. What do you want from the Mud Hero race? The first question you should be asking yourself is, “Why am I racing?”

If you’re here with a group of friends, looking for a fun day that also gives you a solid workout, then you are probably best suited to participate in the 6K Classic obstacle course race. That said, if you do exercise on a regular basis and are looking for as much of a challenge as you want fun, then perhaps the 10K Ultra is more your speed – but then which race can your friends handle?

If you’re less interested in your friends, more interested in making new ones, and are used to running long distances, then the 10K Ultra obstacle course race is probably the right fit.

Finally, if you’re at Mud Hero because you are looking to qualify for the Obstacle Course Race World Championships, then the 10K Ultra is certainly what you need: only those that can complete every obstacle in the 10K Ultra course are eligible for qualifying to the OCRWC. Be sure that your run is also timed in order to be qualified.
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What are the differences between the two Mud Hero courses?

Besides the obvious length involved in each course (6K Classic versus 10K Ultra), the real difference comes in the number of obstacles set up on each course. There are at least 18 obstacles on the Classic course; whereas there are at least 25 on the Ultra course. (Take a look here at the types of obstacles at a Mud Hero event.)

Typically, the Classic course takes a little over an hour to complete. Some contestants will take about 2 hours to complete the course, but some will also finish it in 30 minutes. The Ultra course, on the other hand, is usually completed in an hour and a half. Generally, contestants will complete it at any time between an hour to two and a half hours.


So which obstacle course race is right for you is really, of course, up to you! Knowing what you’re participating for and what your body can handle are the keys to entering the right race for you. But whether you’ve made a mistake or not in this selection, you are sure to have a fun and rewarding day of obstacle course racing at Mud Hero.


It’s a muddy mess of fun that we can’t wait to see you enjoy!

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