The rumours are true, Canadians just do it better. Which is why Mud Hero has been named the Largest All-Canadian Obstacle Event Series since its inaugural year in 2012. Stacking up against the competition whose birth came from our neighbours to the south, here’s why Mud Hero is 100% Canadian, through and through!

100% pure Canadian top soil is used for ALL mud pits

Coast to coast, we’re bringing our Mud Hero cities the finest sifted topsoil that our home and native land has to offer. Mixed with our secret consistency levels, Mud Hero is never short of a good healthy all-Canadian mud pit! Ask Co-Founder Adam, he even tastes the mud himself!

Celebrate 150 years of Canada with a TRUE NORTH Mud Hero T-Shirt

This year, to honour Canada’s 150th Birthday, Mud Hero went all out Canadiana on the t-shirt design. Expect hints of red, maple leafs, our nations favourite and most iconic animals, and much more! Grab your size on event day and wear it proud all-yearlong!

Sorry is the most commonly used word on the course - for no real reason at all!

If you’ve participated in a Mud Hero event before, you’ve likely fallen victim to a favourite Canadian phrase – sorry! Picture this, running through mud pits, slipping and sliding, laughing hysterically, and then apologizing for having so much fun as you slide into someone in Mud N Stuff or whichever mud pit you’re in. We’re just THAT nice, eh!

Our theme song is MUD!

Sung by our favourite Canadian band, The Road Hammers, Mud has become a staple piece of Mud Hero’s musical playlists. Want to listen to it again? Check out their music video HERE! 

We speak English and French

It’s Canada after all, and we want speak the language of our fellow Canadians, English and French. As Mud Hero hits the Ottawa and Montréal event dates, Mud Hero transitions into a full bilingual machine.

Mud does not discriminate

Mud diversity is the theme of our course, which is why all Mud Heroes are welcome to participant, spectate and even volunteer! But our diversity doesn’t end there. We even accept all kinds of mud, thick or thin, velvety smooth or texturally stout, all mud pits are good in our books!

Mud Hero proudly supports Special Olympics Canada

Mud Hero is proud to support Special Olympics Canada, because we believe in our team! This year we will be fundraising and collecting donations for our Nations favourite team of athletes. Join us and start fundraising today!

And there you have it, fellow Canadians. Join us this summer and get down and dirty to celebrate your country, as it reaches 150 years of greatness!