If you want to see some real heroics, how about the people who make all this mud happen, year after year, city after city. We’re a tight-knit, charmingly-demented group that takes a lot of pride in the silliness we bring to the nation. Flip though our Bios, and answer that question you’ve always asked yourself: What kind of person does this for a living!?!

Adam Ruppel aka "Chico"

Position: Co-Founder of Mud Hero, Mud Visionary, Co-obstacle Creator

Job Experience: 17 years organizing some of North America’s most popular mountain bike events www.chicoracing.com and started Mud Hero with Ted!

Mud Hero Powers: Great at making mud, considered an expert “tunnel rat”, women find his chest hair irresistible.

Mud Hero Weaknesses: Does not hold liquor well, blind if loses glasses, tiny bladder.

Special Talents: Performance driving, former Canadian team cyclist, ghost hunter.

Dirtiest Secret: Can pull 2 days from a pair of underwear, and 6 days from a pair of pants.

Favorite Charity: Cancer charities – it has touched his family.

Goal for Mud Hero: Getting people out of their comfort zones and experiencing an amazing time while being active. Mud Hero

Ted McLeod aka "Tugboat"

Position: Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Mud Hero

Job Experience: 15 years working at some of the best mountain bike races in North America, 15 years as a ski patroller, and a lot of years spent in the corporate world in many different capacities.

Mud Hero Powers: Able to see the positive in just about anything, can cook awesome food by booking an incredible restaurant reservation, able to write a process document or a business case in a single bound.

Mud Hero Weaknesses: The slowest guy on the mountain bike in the office; can be easily located by his laugh; able to write a process document or a business case in a single bound.

Special Talents: Ability to talk... and talk.... and talk... never met a sport I didn’t like (it doesn’t mean he does them WELL, but he’ll be smiling while trying!)

Dirtiest Secret: I chew my gum loudly according to my fellow Mud Heroes. I’m working on it.

Favourite Charity: Cancer charities – definitely a disease that can be beaten

Goal for Mud Hero: Helping people have fun, get active, and produce the craziest events in North America!

Shane Hollingshead aka "Hurricane Shane"

Position: Operations Director, Mud Hero

Job Experience: Event manager, Cabinet Maker, Teacher, Male Hand Model.

Mud Hero Powers: On event day, Shane does not sleep, does not eat, drinks sugar-free Red Bull by the case!

Mud Hero Weaknesses: Loves to dress up like a superhero, specifically Robin Boy Wonder.

Special Talents: Good with wood, as a carpenter of course. 

Dirtiest Secret: Ballet dancing at home on the regular.

Favorite Charity: Spinal Cord Injury Canada

Katharine Granger aka “Kate the Great”

Position: Customer Service Manager, Mud Hero

Job Experience: Uxbridge Half Marathon Race Director, Leader in Community Fundraising, Sales and Marketing

Mud Hero Powers: Good triathlete ….faster runner than the boss!! SHHH!! Good organizer, very focused and friendly, all while keeping the office clean and the boys in line…..excellent multi-tasking skills too!

Mud Hero Weaknesses: Holds wine quite well….all part of the training! Very sensitive with a big heart!

Special Talents: Ironman, former Canadian Team Triathlete, piano teacher and a good Mother.

Dirtiest Secret: I really don’t like Mud and getting dirty, except at Mud Hero. I am really a Princess!

Goal for Mud Hero: My goal is to ensure that everyone has the most spectacular day! Mud Hero provides all the ingredients…a well-organized fun event, where everyone is outside, creating experiences with exercise, family and friends!

Gabe Dreyer aka "The Cute One"

Position: Operations Manager, Mud Hero

Job Experience: Licensed electrician gone AWOL. 10 years "spectating" the rest of the crew work their magic running amazing events.

Mud Hero Powers: Always happy, always smiling, pretty good with wood and pumping up our amazing volunteers.

Mud Hero Weaknesses: By FAR the slowest crew member (You've been bumped Ted), scared of heights.

Special Talents: Can see the bright side of nearly anything. Obnoxiously organized. Can play three chords on a guitar "I'm pretty proud of that".

Dirtiest Secret: Terrified of spiders and my toes are probably longer than your fingers.

Favourite Charity: New Hope Community Bikes

Goal for Mud Hero: To motivate people out of their norm and to finish with a thirst for what next year will have in store.

Bob Miller aka “Sweet Bobby Miller”

Position: Logistics Director, Mud Hero

Job Experience: 13-year Event Manager including: adventure races, trail runs, orienteering events and canoe/kayak races

Mud Hero Powers: Kids course ninja, don’t be surprised if you recognize his face

Mud Hero Weaknesses: Getting stuck in spidey web. Ricky-Bobby wasn’t made for the web.

Special Talents: Jack-knifing trailers, any day of the week!

Dirtiest Secret: Loves watching Darts on TV....180!

Favourite Charity: Outward Bound Canada

Goal for Mud Hero: A smile for every participant!

Alyssia Dussiaume aka “New Girl”

Position: Event and Marketing Manager, Mud Hero

Job Experience: Working with various races across Canada, promotional ambassador for large food and beverage companies and retail merchandising in the corporate world

Mud Hero Powers: Can stay mudless through a 14-hour Mud Hero day… yes that’s right, not even a speck; that is not a challenge

Mud Hero Weaknesses: Shopping. If missing on event day, check the Mud Mall

Special Talents: Can go a whole event without drinking liquids to avoid any interaction with porta potties

Dirtiest Secret: A big love for the dentist and a teeth cleaning.

Favourite Charity: Ontario Wildlife Rescue

Goal for Mud Hero: To make moments and memories out of Mud across Canada.