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  • Location

    Hill Top Resort

    Highway 59 Beaconia
    Manitoba R0E 0T0

    Click here to see a map of the location

    Click here to see a map of the location

  • Obstacle course

    10km, 21+ obstacles – this is for our Mud Heroes looking for the next challenge.

    Mud Hero Ultra 10k offers all the fun and mud or our 6km course, but with the added challenge of some extra mileage and more challenging obstacles. Not to worry if you’re finding the obstacle is too hard, Mud Hero Ultra 10k obstacles will have hard/easy options, or you can always skip it (no burpees required!).

  • Event pricing

    Register early and save!

    Until July 31, 2017: $56.00 (+ HST)
    Until November 6, 2017: $64.00 (+ HST)
    Until April 10, 2018: $74.00 (+ HST)
    Until May 29, 2018: $79.00 (+ HST)
    Until July 4, 2018: $84.00 (+ HST)
    Until July 11, 2018: $89.00 (+ HST)
    Until July 14, 2018: $94.00 (+ HST)

    * Online fees are additional. Registration closes on 2018-07-13 23:59:00 CDT. Please note, entries are non-refundable. See our Contact Us page if you would like to edit or transfer your entry. Entries can’t be transferred or edited once registration is closed. Participants may not transfer wave times once a wave is closed. Participants must be 13 years or older to participate.

  • Free stuff

    Everything a Mud Hero needs:

    • A Mud Hero t-shirt and race bib.
    • Complimentary photos of yourself at Mud Hero.
    • Two water stations on course and one at the finish.
    • A complimentary beverage for participants.
    • Chip timing for accurate results broken down by age.
    • Mud Hero "finishers" medal.
    • Access to our Mud Bash including DJ and live bands.
  • Wave times

    Saturday, July 14 (Limit 500 per wave):
    12:00 PM   12:30 PM  

  • Bag check

    Bag check is available on site with a suggested $5 or more donation to Special Olympics Canada. As the official charity partner of Mud Hero, we’d ask all participants to kindly participate in this suggested fundraising initiative. We will be accepting cash only, thank you!

  • Mud bash

    The spectacle of Mud Hero is like no other! With DJs, live bands, cash BBQ, sponsor give-aways, live demos and alcohol/non-alcohol drinks, enjoy the festivities as you cheer your fellow Mud Heroes on to the finish.

  • Spectators

    Mud Hero encourages spectators by providing easy, no-charge access and great vistas to view the course.

  • Groups

    If you know at least 10 friends who want to be Mud Heroes, prior to registering email [email protected] to receive a discount code for $5 off per Hero. This discount code will only last 2 weeks, so make sure your entire group registers within that time period. The discount can only be applied when you register; it cannot be applied after you register.

  • Lodging

    There will be camping at the event site. Please contact Hill Top Resort by visiting their web site by clicking here with any questions regarding camping. Hotel stays are also available at Canalta Selkirk. Please call the hotel directly at 1-844-484-7474 and mention "Mud Hero" to book a Standard 2 Queen for $124 + tax!

  • Parking

    The cost will be $10 per vehicle. (Carpool to save the environment AND money!)

  • Volunteer

    Want to be part of the Mud Hero experience, but don't really want to take on the six kilometer course? Volunteering at our events puts you right in the middle of the action – and helps us put on the best events possible for our muddy participants!

    Sign up as a volunteer here!

Mud Hero Winnipeg Ultra 10k

Even more of the Muddiest. Challenge. EVER.

Mud Heroes looking for the next challenge should look no further than our NEW Ultra 10k! What takes our Ultra 10k to the next level is more than just the extra distance; we feature five harder challenges on top of the obstacles and mud featured in our traditional 6 km event. The 10K course features 25+ obstacles, and the same 10,000 watt after-party! Remember, if the obstacle is too hard, you have the option of doing an easy variation, or skipping it (no burpees required!).

Click to view all event details
1 Hamburger Hill Steep natural uphill to get your blood flowing as you conquer the hill. Don’t worry you can cool down with a nice bath in the mud pits.
2 Hero Walls You can choose between two different wall heights to scale your way over. Something fun and challenging for participants of all fitness and ability levels!
3 Cargo Climb Climb and descend your way over this 14’ high obstacle like a ladder. If you’re afraid of heights don’t look down from the top! A fellow Mud Hero will always be there to help you over.
4 Snakeline Crawl, walk or shimmy your way across the slacklines suspended above this water pit. Be careful, you could go in for a drink!
5 Hero Walls You can choose between two different wall heights to scale your way over. Something fun and challenging for participants of all fitness and ability levels!
6 Deep Woods Wind your way through the forest, over logs and natural obstacles.
7 Swamp Run

Get muddy in this natural and freaky mud bog.

8 TOP SECRET SURPRISE. You'll find what this muddy obstacle looks like on course.
9 Brick N Mortar *Ultra Only!*

Drag these block towards you, pick them up and carry it back out. Choose between hard and easy lanes.

10 TOP SECRET SURPRISE. You'll find what this muddy obstacle looks like on course.
11 Mud N Stuff Navigate your way through this challenging mud pit over walls and other surprises.
12 Broken Water Main Cool off at this popular oasis. Watch out you may get stuck in the MUD!
13 Top Out *Ultra Only!*

Climb up this 15ft rope and ring the bell when you make it to the top.

14 Hole Punch *Ultra Only!*

Climb to the top of this 12ft wall using the two pegs. Can you find the hole?

15 True North Climb *Ultra Only!*

Tackle Mud Hero's largest wall on course at over 8ft!

16 Fenced In Float your way through these trenches on your back and use the fence to pull yourself to the other side! But don’t worry, you won’t have to put your head under this mud.
17 Avalanche *ULTRA ONLY* You will need to use speed and agility to get over the Avalanche, however an easy lane is offered as well, should you decide to take it!
18 Camo Crawl Get down and low as you crawl your way through.
19 Sidewinder Traverse your way across these walls, using a mix of ropes, chains, climbing holds and whatever else we happen to give you. Choose your own adventure on this one, with both hard and easy options.
20 Backwards Bullfrog Pull yourself backwards up this slippery slope. You’ll get wet as you slide your way through.
21 Mud Slides An all-time favourite of our Mud Heroes! Slide down this exhilarating drop to the mud pit below, but hold onto your glasses and cameras as this monster has been know to collect them.
22 Frog Spa

Getting dirty is inevitable at this obstacle! Enjoy a mud facial at the end!   

23 King KONG

This 15-foot-high giant quickly became a favourite of our 2016 Mud Heroes! Climb up the slanted wall using the ropes provided, crawl across the cargo net at the top, descend down the other side, and you’ve conquered KONG.

24 Knee Deep
25 Winnipeg's Most Epic Mud Pit Winnipeg has never seen anything bigger or muddy. Make your way through this muddy pit of fun and come out dirtier than you could have ever imagined on the other side.
26 Victory Bath Final Mud Pit! Float your way under the cargo net and emerge a true Mud Hero as you head to the finish line.

Local charity

Special Olympics Canada
Support Special Olympics Canada either by fundraising or with a direct donation.
Learn how to donate >
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  • Popeye's Supplements
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