Life in the fast lane… 

The adrenaline is pumping through your veins, your heart rate is accelerated, sweat dripping down your body, as it feels like it’s moving 1000 miles per second, trying to catch your breath with every inhalation and exhalation.

Life is exhilarating in the fast lane. I understand what it means to live life in the fast lane. I was the “skinny mini” who ate what she wanted when she wanted and never had to worry about gaining any weight. During this time in my life, I was attending University, working at a financial institution and as many of us can relate, stress was high, sleep was scarce, and food was quick, easy and on-the-go.

I enjoyed the occasional burger or two, but chicken nuggets, wings with fries and a chocolate frosty was my thing. My dinners were great, because, for the most part, I had home cooked meals; but for me, it was during the day, which was the biggest problem, as I spent about 85% of my time outside of the home and clearly these fast food meals lacked the most nutrition. Now, don't get me wrong, health and nutrition was important to me, especially comingfrom a family of athletes.

I exercised and trained a lot and in my mind, life was good in knowing that I could eat any and everything and not gain a pound…. Boy, was I ever wrong!!!! How superficial to think because I'm skinny, I'm healthy. Not only did my face look like rocky road, but my digestive system suffered. I felt sluggish, tired, anxious and fatigued a lot of the time, constipated, and craved sugary things. Born premature with a weakened immune system, it seemed like this story of my life will continue to affect me, even in my adult years.

To me, this was life. I learned how to cope with such uncomfortable symptoms that it became oddly “normal” and “comfortable.”

Until one day, I cracked! I got sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. I needed a change & fast….

For many of us athletes, food is just fuel to feed our muscles. We resort to many of the rigorous, bland, low caloric diet meal prepping and meal planning, in order to achieve a certain look- skinnier, leaner, muscular, toned- not understanding the internal damage we are doing to our bodies. We may experience feelings of low energy, sluggishness, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, not to mention digestive “dis-eases” and weight imbalances, relentless cravings, swelling, and water retention.

Why? Because our bodies are not absorbing the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to sustain itself. What's the solution here??? Good ole’ Whole Foods!!!

See, whole foods (whole grains, fruits and vegetables) are more than just a substance you ingest; it’s energy that helps to provide the necessary sustenance and proper nourishment our bodies need to operate on a daily basis.

Foods can harm, as much as they can heal…Time to nourish our bodies at the cellular level.

Although I have traded in my running shoes and the dry fit outfits for aprons and knife kits fulltime, today, it is my athletic life as a Culinary Nutritionist that has allowed me to now combine the best of both my worlds- my athletic background, experience and knowledge with the art of using whole foods to nutritionally feed, kickstart and reboot our bodies, while in the fast lane.

Lets continue to help you maintain your energy levels, as well as, a healthy digestive system by providing your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals, while on-the-go. Elevate Your Health and Juice-It-Up with our high fiber juice cleanse delivery program.


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~ Its More Than Just Juice ~

Health is Wealth ❤