About Mud Hero Obstacle Runs

Canada's most
fun mud run series.

Created and perfected over the past four years by the wonderfully insane team at Crazy Canucks, Mud Hero is the most fun you’ll ever have covered head-to-toe in mud. Take on the muddiest challenge ever and crank your adrenaline as you push yourself and your fellow Heroes to the finish line, smiling every inch of the way. Finally, celebrate your achievement with other mud-lovers and spectators at the post-race Mud Bash, with a barbecue, bevies, live music and more. If you’re mad about mud – or just plain mad – this is the event for you.


The charities we proudly support

The soul of Mud Hero is the charities. We do it, and so many of our participants have started doing it too. Mud Hero contributes a portion of the proceeds from our events to local cancer charities – a cause we’ve always been proud to support. If you'd like to make your commitment go further, be a Mud Superhero by collecting pledges or making a personal donation. Mud can make a difference.

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